Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Next Opry Star: Amber Rose

Amber was quite the star on the mock stage set up in the Opry Museum.

The Collins take Nashville by Storm

We had a lot of fun in Nashville, visiting Uncle Doug. He showed us the town. We loved seeing all the clubs on the main street in Nashville, where music star wannabes play at all hours of the day. We met Kelly, Doug's main squeeze, and all went to dinner at PF Changs! Yum! Thanks, Poppa!

Also, note my genius photography skills with the picture of Amber and Ben at the Aquarium.

Ben got a kick out of our visit to the Grand Ole Opry House. He plans to go back someday . . . as a HUGE Star!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

At the Opry House, binkys on the mind

We went to see the Grand Ole Opry House. It was pretty cool, but Amber could only think of her binky, which lay hidden in my purse.

Amber having fun in Nashville

There was a wedding at the Parthenon, and Amber enjoyed dancing to the music with Uncle Doug.